The New Republic Adds Another Potent Ingredient

Award-winning food writer Corby Kummer is the magazine's newest contributing editor.

CorbyKummerHeadshotThe September/October issue of The New Republic, hitting newsstands Aug. 18, will bring with it a redesign and yet another highly qualified incoming TNR contributing editor – Corby Kummer (pictured). The veteran food writer will continue to serve as a senior editor for The Atlantic and restaurant critic for Atlanta and Boston magazines.

From today’s announcement:

“Corby started writing about and formulating the ideals of the ‘food movement’ before there was a food movement,” editor in chief Gabriel Snyder said. “Now that food is an inescapable part of our culture, he’s perfectly placed to write about the fights worth fighting on both the artisan micro-level and the industrial macro-level. But he’ll do it all with his close-up sympathy and back-far humor that makes him so much fun to read.”

Added Kummer: “I’m delighted to get to talk to the readers of the New Republic, the perfect audience to engage with the issues we face every day when figuring out how to vote with our forks – and figuring out what we actually want to eat today. The people who care about improving food and the food system are kaleidoscopic—more today than since I started writing about food.”

Kummer’s first column, which will post online Wednesday, concerns the ethics of eating meat. He has won over the course of his career five James Beard Journalism Awards.

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