New Postal Service Ads Mix Old Promises and New Priorities

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds,” boasts the motto of the United States Postal Service.

But with the vast increase of online communication, who actually waits on bated breath for the determined mailman to arrive on cold, stormy, winter nights anymore? Well, if you ordered a new tea kettle and a pair of bunny slippers from Amazon to help keep you warm on said winter nights, then the answer is: you. 

Though the web has decreased the number of letters sent through the mail by the billions, the growth of ecommerce has dramatically increased the number of packages delivered by the USPS. Reflecting this shift in business, the Postal Service has shifted its priorities, paying more attention to its delivery services, including changes announced last week in Priority Mail that were described as major upgrades.

These new priorities are the focus of a new ad campaign out of McCann Erickson Worldwide, the tagline for which is, “Priority: you.” (See what they did there?)

The effort will include commercials, print and online ads, direct marketing and a presence in social media, and seeks to send the message that though what they’re delivering may have changed with the times, the Postal Service is ever-devoted to those old “appointed rounds”, and stands proudly behind its classic motto.

The first TV commercial of the campaign, to be aired this week, shows postal workers delivering packages in inclement weather as a voice-over, states: “Staying warm and dry has never been our priority. Catering to the conveniently located has never been our priority…Our priority is, was and always will be serving you, the American people.”

The announcer goes on to say, “We get to see everyone in America, almost every day, and we’ve noticed you’re sending and receiving more packages than ever.” He then proceeds to explain the new priority shipping upgrades.

Playing on nostalgia while addressing modern needs — it’s a solid platform.

So rest assured, ye orderers of Overstock and addicts of Amazon — your bunny slippers are most assuredly on their way!