New Network Launches for Young PR Pros

Sarah Evans, founder of Sevans Strategy, recently launched The Sevans Network, an invitation-only network of college students and young PR professionals that provides advice and resources as they start their careers.

The network provides a place for members to ask questions, share information, and work with more experienced professionals. We had a short conversation with Evans about the network. Read on after the jump.

What are some of the features and benefits of The Sevans Network?

The goal of the network is to help communications students grown into a professional role and ultimately find employment, and to help new communications professionals grow their skill set as they look for new jobs or hope to grow in their current jobs. And to be a resource to ultimately link generations in the communications industry.

What prompted you to launch this network?

It was the amount of inquiries I get on a weekly basis from students and new communications professionals. Over the the past two years, it has increased significantly as my own networks were building. On average, I’d say maybe 10 to 20 inquiries a week on professional questions, how-tos, wanting tips, tools, and resources. And I found I wasn’t able to get to everyone in a timely way.

I asked people on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn what I could do to help provide better resources to them. While no one necessarily said “another social network,” they referred to a place where all of these questions were housed, ways to connect with employers, links to internships, ways to connect with their peers, and I just realized they were talking about a social network.

From a professional standpoint, what benefit do you get?

I e-mailed my mentors and people I highly respect to join the site as featured users. And I said, “ You get to tap into the future, meaning they ask questions and we get to learn from them as well. And you get to tap into a future potential employee network.”