New MTV Series Based On Clips Of ‘Gruesome’ Crashes


Despite its billion-dollar battle against YouTube, Viacom still knows how to mine it for “talent.” Humming its “every scar has a story” tagline, MTV is set to debut Scarred, a half-hour series that bills “itself as an inside look at some of the most gruesome scars from around the country.”

The show, which airs on April 10, features interviews with the fearless amateur Jackasses — who clearly don’t heed those barely-legible “Please Do Not Attempt” crawls in the first place — to ask them “what went wrong, what happened in the hospital,” according to the show’s official Web site.

Some sample dialogue:

Scarred host: Yo, brah, what happened to your leg?

Tyler: Aw, dude, it was crazy. I mashed it. Like, caught an edge on that rail, brah. Twisted. [Giggle] Yo, it was worth it though. I uploaded it to YouTube and MTV called.

Those who respect having appetites, get ready to not watch.