New Kickstarter Project Promises to Build an iPhone Controlled Robot

If you’re looking for more toys to clutter up your work desk, then I have a deal for you. There’s a project being funded on Kickstarter right now which which is going to fund the manufacturing of a new 3″ tall remote controlled robot.

It’s called the Bero, and once built you’re going to be able to control it from the ipad, iPhone, or any Bluetooth equipped Android smartphone or tablet. You can use the free app to drive the Bero around, wave the arms, turn the head, and generally freak out your small pets.

If you’re not sure whether you want to pledge for one of these robots, watch the following project video.  It was shot while the original design was being developed, and it shows a number of different Bero models both with and without the shell.

For $35 you can get a model to set on your desk, but if you want to get a functional robot you will need to pledge $70 or more, with the most expensive model going for $190. That’s not an unfair request; the high end model is going to have a lot of expensive electronic and servos inside, and the parts cost adds up rather quickly.

via Kickstarter