New iPhone to Transform the Social Web

If you thought the Facebook platform transformed the social web, the new iPhone and the application store is sure to transform the social web. There has been a bunch of buzz and a ton of anticipation surrounding the new 3G iPhone. Millions of people, including myself, waited on purchasing the iPhone because of the problems facing the first version of the phone.

Dan Frommer posted that iPhone applications could help the phone go viral. I agree and the ability to integrate most of my social web activity into a mobile phone makes a lot of sense. Mobile phones are inherently social whereas computers are not. The phone will also have GPS built into it and I’ve already spoke with a number of developers who have already built social location based services for the platform.

Om Malik suggests that the iPhone will help catapult location based services into the spotlight and I couldn’t agree more. While social technology will continue to transform the way we communicate, building more social features directly into our mobile devices will help speed the transformation.

While all of the discussion surrounding the impact of the new iPhone is currently speculation, I have to say that I completely agree with the extremely optimistic forecasts. I’ll be buying my 3G iPhone when it is released in the coming weeks. Do you plan on buying one as well? Do you find yourself using more mobile services recently?