New Hires in Social Gaming: Crowdstar, Playdom, Zynga, & More

Leading social gaming companies continue to make new hires, as we can see from LinkedIn. Here’s a quick look at people moving to big developers. Among notable new additions are Zynga’s newest Creative Director, Janus Anderson, Playfish’s new Product Manager Aadil Mamujee and Art Lead Duncan Brown, and CrowdStar’s new Vice President, Monetization Mike Ouye, formerly of Playdom.

Note that Zynga’s hires from Challenge Games are a result of it acquiring the smaller developer.

Here’s a look at everyone joining their new teams:


  • Mike Ouye: Former Director of Monetization for Playdom joins as the new Vice President, Monetization.
  • John Harris: Former Consultant at Harris, Jr. Consulting is now a Developer for CrowdStar.
  • Arla Xhaxho: A new Product Associate for CrowdStar, and a former Research Assistant at Stanford University.


  • Sunil Venugopal: Joins as Account Manager. Formerly performed the same job at MSN.
  • Ryan Mason: Becomes Product Manager of Analytics after being a Customer Insight Analyst.
  • Dan Tjandra: The latest Software Engineer for Playdom after being a Multimedia Software Engineer for Scientific Learning.
  • Katie Simpkins: A new Product Manager of Publishing for Playdom, and was formerly a Senior Marketing Associate.
  • Pavel Shahriar: Another Software Engineer, who came over from trippertlabs.
  • K.M. Fazle Azim Babu: New Software Development Engineer. Formerly a System Developer & Team Leader at Cention AB.
  • Daniel Igarza: New 3rd Party Outsourcer for Playdom. Formerly a 2D Artist at PoBros Inc.


  • Aadil Mamujee: Joins Playfish as a new Product Manager. Prior, he was an Associate at Index Ventures.
  • Fred Easey: Becomes a Marketing Data Analyst. His last position was as a Data Analyst for Betfair.
  • Duncan Brown: Though it was technically last week, Brown joins as the new Art Lead. His last role was at PlayJam as an Executive Producer & Senior Artist.


  • Amit Parikh: New Application Developer; former Software Programmer & QA Intern for Mobile Iron.
  • Debbie Margulies: Brand new Events Management/Marketing for RockYou. She was formerly a Consultant of Marketing Programs at Quindi Corporation.


  • Charles Hodges: Though it was last week, Charles joins Slide as a Quality Assurance Engineer, having left TVWorks where he was also a QA Engineer and Lead.


  • Amy Young: New Senior Revenue Accountant; joining from Ernst & Young.
  • Janus Anderson: He becomes Creative Director and was former CCO of Challenge Games.
  • Ben Mullin: Ben is the new Ops Engineer at Zynga and former Game Software Developer.
  • Amanda Slade: She is now Community Manager at Zynga, also leaving Challenge games and her role as Customer Service Lead.
  • Stephanie Orkand: A former Associate Producer from Challenge Games takes on the same job for Zynga.
  • Matt Schultz: Interns as a Software Engineer; a once Web Developer/Network Engineer for Falkon Technologies.
  • Chuck Wadey: He comes in as Zynga’s new Art Director. This was a job, along with a title of Illustrator, from, again, Challenge Games.
  • Marty Brown: Another Intern, this time for Product Management joins from his former role as a Consultant at Deloitte Consulting.
  • Rahul Kapur: New Senior Server Engineer – Network Products; former Senior Software Engineer at Crossbow Technology, Inc.
  • Tom Kent: Tom’s one of Zynga’s newest Producers, also coming over from Challenge Games.
  • Jeremy Newton: A new Software Engineer for Zynga from Challenge Games.
  • Matt Klepac: Another Software Engineer from Challenge Games.