New hires in mobile: Gloops, Storm8 and Pocket Gems

Hiring in the mobile apps sector wasn’t down significantly during E3, with 22 new hires spread between 14 companies. Based on information from LinkedIn and other sources, Gloops and GREE reported the most activity with 3 hires each. Unlike previous weeks, there were no high profile hires to report.

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If you want to know who else is hiring, the Inside Network Job Board showcases current openings with the industry’s leading companies.

Big Fish Games

  • Paul Comte, Contract Production Artist — Comte was previously a graphic designer at Venture Arts.

EA Mobile 

  • Patrick Laflamme, Engineering Manager — Laflamme was formerly a software developer at Miranda Technologies.

EA PopCap

  • Matthew Beakes, Artist — Beakes previously worked as a game artist at Remode.


  • Kefan Xie, [Intern] Backend Developer — GREE-owned Funzio picks up an intern for the summer.


  • Constantin Teslenko, Senior Game Producer — Teslenko gets a promotion, moving up from game producer to senior game producer.
  • Igor Boyko, Senior Game Designer — Boyko also makes our roundup with a promotion. He was previously a game designer at Gameloft.


  • Masae Yoshikuni, Controller and Treasurer — Three more hires for Gloops this week. Yoshikuni was formerly an accountant at Future Architect, Inc.
  • Alex Sink, Senior Engineer — Sink comes to Gloops from RockYou, where he was an engineer.
  • Jesse Greenberg, Digital and UI Artist — Greenberg was formerly a lead digital artist at Trilogy Studios.

Glu Mobile

  • Kaitlin Spangler, Contract Animator — Spangler was an animator at The Amazing Society / Gazillion Entertainment.


  • Andrew Birdsall, Associate Game Designer — Three hires for GREE this week. Birdsall was a product manager at Socialmoon.
  • Hyunwoo Lim, Senior Concept Artist — Lim moves from Lucasfilm, where he was previously a concept designer.
  • Kseniya Lobanova, Software QA Tester — Lobanova was a software QA tester at Rocket Ninja.


  • Justin Im, Partner Manager Intern — Im starts a summer internship with InMobi.


  • Armando Calpena, Sr. Artist — Calpena comes to MunkeyFun from a position at Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix.
  • Mai Nguyen, Art Director — Nguyen previously worked at Telltale Games.

Pocket Gems

  • Alan Lac, Mobile Platform Engineer — Lac starts his career at Pocket Gems.


  • Antti Meriluoto, Graphic Designer — Meriluoto was formerly a senior designer at Golla.
  • Milla-Maria Pitkänen, Social Marketing Trainee — Pitkänen was a communications trainee at Ellun Kanat before joining Rovio.


  • Ken Mah, Associate Producer — Mah was previously an associate producer at Namco Bandai Games America.


  • Chelsea Edwards, Game Artist — Edwards is also a lead character artist at RockBridge Productions.