New Hampshire Loves Journos

From the Manchester Union Leader (as summarized by Mike Allen’s Playbook):

    The local front of the (Manchester) Union Leader has a story about media groupies who, in a quadrennial ritual, congregate around hotels in hopes of getting a photo with Chris Wallace or Tucker Carlson.

    ‘When they make dinner reservations, they don’t use their real names,’ [Bedford Village Inn owner Jack] Carnevale said. ‘They make them under assumed names, and then all of a sudden they show up.’ Playbook generally uses ‘Reed Dickens.’ Works every time.

Also more NH / Journo news from Allen:

    Michael Gerson and Tammy Haddad were looking for the Obama bus together. Jill Abramson was in the audience at the ABC debate, and taking in an Obama rally at a historic Manchester theater. (As also happened at a McCain event, the authorities had closed the doors before the crowd got too big). Rick Berke was at a former President Bill Clinton event. David Brooks was looking for his rental car among the snow banks outside. Tim Russert and Betsy Fischer rode the Obama campaign plane into New Hampshire. John Harwood has started with The New York Times. Jonathan Martin is en fuego. Dan Balz is placid, bemused. Jeff Zeleny is everywhere.