New Glu Game Cooks with Motion

Glu Mobile is bringing almost a Wii-like experience to mobile gaming.

coking game.jpgThe company’s newest original game, Get Cookin’, uses motion-sensitive technology found in the new Sony Ericsson W910i handset as well as a few other new models. Sony Ericsson’s JSR 256 API motion sensor challenges players to use both physical gestures and button presses to create sophisticated virtual meals. Users will get to do things like flip a steak in a pan, add ingredients and try to perfect other cooking methods by carefully moving the handset.

Get Cookin’ is launching in July across all major carriers worldwide.

“Sony Ericsson’s motion sensor technology allows us to incorporate more authentic, true to life challenges in Get Cookin’ and introduce an entirely new dimension to mobile games,” Glu CTO and senior VP of global product development Alex Galvagni said in a statement. “The use of this technology gives developers a way to deepen the gameplay and gives players a truly fun game that incorporates all new ways to play.”