New Fortune Editor Named

0118mehta.jpgStephanie Mehta has been named as Fortune‘s new global editor. Mehta was previously a senior writer at the mag covering the telecommunications and media beats.

Announcement email from Fortune managing ed Andy Serwer after the jump.

From: Andrew Serwer
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 15:30:28 -0500
Subject: From the Managing Editor

I want to tell you about some changes here at Fortune. Our International
Editor, Robert Friedman, is leaving the magazine after seven years on the
job. Robert worked very hard in helping build our global franchise to its
current strong position, and I want to thank him for that.

Replacing Robert will be Stephanie Mehta in a new role as Global Editor.
Stephanie’s title reflects that our European and Asian editions will now
mostly contain content that appears in our North American edition. All three
editions will continue to be filled with international content written by
Clay Chandler and Peter Gumbel, as well as globetrotters from the U.S. like
Barney Gimbel, Jeff O’Brien, Brian O’Keefe, John Brodie, Alex Taylor, David
Kirkpatrick, and Adam Lashinsky, all of whom have traveled on assignment
abroad for Fortune recently. (Stephanie herself went to Mexico on the Carlos
Slim cover story last year.)

Fortune remains deeply committed to global coverage. In fact, we are already
preparing for our next global forum. Please join me in thanking Robert for
his years of service. And join me in congratulating Stephanie in her new


Andy Serwer
Managing Editor
FORTUNE Magazine