New Facebook Rollout Not as Quick As Expected: Will Take A "Few Weeks"

Last week when Facebook announced to users that they would all be moved over to the new design, they suggested that the shift would take place within weeks. Last night AP published a story suggesting that the full rollout would be completed by the end of the week. Facebook just sent out a release suggesting that the rollout will “be complete within the next few weeks.”

While Facebook didn’t state the order in which users would be switched over, my guess is that Facebook will permanently switch many of the users that were first exposed to the new design. The company is still making last minute changes though as we witnessed last night when Facebook launched the new Facebook header. Apparently the full shift won’t be as quick as expected.

The shift will most definitely continue to incite users as one of the protest groups nears 1 million. I’m guessing that we’ll continue to see this surge over the coming weeks. Unfortunately we won’t be able to assess then net impact of the new design on applications until the full shift has taken place. We’ve already seen some substantial changes made but hopefully Facebook’s new secret feature for developers will be released later this week.

Facebook’s secret profile feature will hopefully be one change that developers are excited about in contrast to the majority of changes which have tightened the noose on many application developers. One interesting note about the new Facebook is that only 40 million people have viewed it and 75 percent of those that have viewed it have decided to stay with it.

That means 25 percent are apparently not fans. This is a significant portion of users. If this is really the case look for a large backlash to ensure in the coming days as the full shift begins to take place. Below is an interview with Robert Scoble and Mark Slee that Facebook included in their press release. The conversation is about the new Facebook design.