New England Patriots, NFL, John Kerry Make (Media) History


On Saturday, the New England Patriots have a shot at becoming the first football team to go 16-0 in one season. As long as they beat the New York Giants, they’re going to make history.

The game was originally scheduled to be aired on three stations; New York’s WWOR-TV, Boston’s WCVB and the cable NFL Network (which is carried by neither Time Warner nor Comcast).

Now the NFL has managed to make history of its own; for the first time ever, the game will be simulcast on CBS and NBC as well.

In a statement to the New York Post, WWOR fumes that “the NFL is in clear violation of an agreement… We fully expect the league to honor their commitment.”

But Patriots fans located outside the Boston broadcast area (and there are a hell of a lot of them) will be thrilled.

The decision to air the game on NBC & CBS follows on a personal appeal from John Kerry to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and a hell of a lot of backroom shenanigans.