New Art Directors Club Logo Comes in Colors, Primed for ‘Pimping’

As predicted, the rebranding of the 89-year-old Art Directors Club has been greeted with controversy, at least here on UnBeige, where one astute commenter compared the new logo, designed by Trollbäck + Company, to that of David Barton Gym (an identity created by Edward Leida). Meanwhile, Jakob Trollbäck has been in touch to let us know that while hot pink leads the way—and the website—the color palette of the rebranded ADC also includes bold hues of purple, green, and cyan, as well as black and white. Taste the rainbow in the image at left. Meanwhile, the new identity was also developed with elasticity in mind. “As long as the boundaries are not violated, you can pimp it out,” notes the rebranding presentation Trollbäck shared with us. We’ve posted a couple of “pimped” versions below.

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