New AOL Site Is ‘MTV Without The Middleman’; Also: Why You Need To Move Fast

What do you get when you cross AOL, brand strategy group MGX Lab, and the Jonas Brothers?

You get Cambio, a “next-generation video network for the Web,” where teens and young adults can watch their favorite stars on demand—without going to Youtube or turning on MTV. (Assuming that somebody’s “favorite star” is Frankie Jonas?)

In fact, the NYT is calling it “a kind of MTV without the pesky middleman.”

Basically, if you want to see stuff about the Jonas Brothers or even Jordin Sparks, AOL is hoping that you’ll go to Cambio. The site is creating original web series: one that will debut tomorrow is called “Nick In London,” about Nick Jonas in London. A series in development is titled “Ghost Hunting With Frankie Jonas.”

AOL has been calling itself a “start-around” lately, as it tries to mix startup culture with its huge turnaround. But to hear the New York Times tell it, Cambio was much more of a startup: “In the three weeks before its debut, there was a rush to complete the site design and hire employees.”

The lesson is apparently: if you want to work with the Jonas Brothers you can’t dilly-dally. Everyone else, business as usual.