New Adult Virtual World Game Checks Paypal To Verify Real Identities

3dchatlogoThe dawn of a new era is upon us with the advent of gesture-based gaming to the emergence of immersive virtual worlds. 3D technology especially is expected to play a key role in the future of media and interaction. Riding this wave in particular is 3Dchat, a virtual world and social networking environment company, as it has announced a partnership with Golemlabs Studios to launch the beta of its immersive 3D virtual world due for release summer 2010. What makes this news particularly interesting is that the new venture is targeting strictly adults over 18. Read more after the jump.

3DChat will be using what it calls a “proprietary advanced identity verification service” that will verify a user’s identity by leveraging services from firms like Aristotle, Paypal and eBay. Certified users will be considered “VERYfied” users and given access to 3Dchat’s features and virtual world areas in addition to receiving certificates of authenticity. Users will be able to do adult relates tasks such as having virtual drinks or going dancing in virtual clubs with friends. Sounds like the perfect place for virtual singles to mingle and not worry about flirting with children.

“We wanted to bring some fresh new ideas into the virtual world market, and with this unique combination of virtual world and social networking in 3Dchat, we have absolutely done that,” said Glenn Garritano, CEO of 3Dchat LLC. “3Dchat is a place where players are free to be themselves and find experiences that fit their interests. The initial release contains only the tip of the iceberg of what’s coming in the near future for 3Dchat users, so stay tuned for a steady stream of announcements regarding great new features and additions to the 3Dchat world.”

3Dchat’s virtual world is built using Gamebryo engine and powered by other middleware solutions. The immersive virtual world is a great demonstration of 3Dchat’s ambitions to become an industry leader in the virtual worlds arena. It contains several activities designed to allow adult players to interact in realistic environments resembling real-world locales. Seems like something out of the movie ‘Gamer‘ although there won’t be any biometric connections involved in this world, yet.

3Dchat is free to download and join but does offer “paid” services that include certain “intimate interactions” between users amongst other things. The beta version is available to users now, so if you’re interested, head on over to this link and sign up although not all users will be chosen to participate.