Network Awesome: Your Daily Dose Of Flashback TV

Network Awesome prides itself on highlighting the best television content of the past, with a daily dose of all your faves from back in the day.

With more and more television viewers cutting the cord and getting their television fix online, many classic television shows are falling by the wayside. The days of old school Nick At Nite are history, so where can you go to find your favorite television oldies like The Twilight Zone, The Muppet Show and Happy Days? And what about the other shows you remember from your youth that you just can’t find in syndication? Network Awesome prides itself on highlighting the best television content of the past, with a daily dose of all your faves from back in the day.

Each day Network Awesome features four to six hours of classic television content to make you wax nostalgic for earlier days. The concept is explained on the Network Awesome about page:

“Network Awesome is a platform for entertaining and interesting TV. We spotlight the best from the past to create something new for the future. In a sense it’s TV about TV but our wider intent is to show something about culture as a whole. This can manifest itself in a kids cartoon from 1973, an interview from 1948 or a movie from 1993 – We’re pretty open minded about what Network Awesome is and what it can be. It’s our commitment to provide you what we think is interesting and clever TV – hopefully you agree.”

According to Ryan Lawler of GigaOM’s NewTeeVee, “[Network Awesome] launched in early January as the brainchild of Berlin-based electronic musician Jason Forrest and his partner Greg Sadetsky, who does most of the coding for the site.” Forrest told Lawler, “There’s a missing gap for media between the establishment of [Viacom-owned] TV Land and what we watched as kids. It fell into a black hole and you can’t find it in syndication. By and large, there’s a large group of people that aren’t being served by what’s on TV, and there’s a great need for someone to curate this content.” Network Awesome is striving to be this “someone”.

For Valentine’s Day, Network Awesome is featuring a line-up of Valentine and love-themed content including a Valentine’s Day 1984 public access performance by The Beastie Boys, an interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono, a Happy Days episode, the ‘From Agnes With Love’ episode of The Twilight Zone and more. Most of the current content is taken from YouTube, but Network Awesome wants to branch out into original programming and video production as well. If you want to get involved you can find out more on the Network Awesome website.

Check out today’s dose of flashback TV or check out previous shows in the Network Awesome archive. Oh, and you won’t want to miss today’s features Twilight Zone episode. I am a self-proclaimed Twilight Zone addict! And don’t forget to let us know what you think about Network Awesome. I have to admit that I think the title is right on – this network is awesome!