Netflix Adds Personalized Profiles For Each Viewer in the Household

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Do you like to watch foreign thrillers but you keep getting recommendations for sitcoms on your Netflix profile because that is what your spouse likes to watch? Netflix has finally solved this problem with a new feature called profiles.

Netflix members can create a separate profiles for each member of their household, so that you can get personalized recommendations based on your viewing habits, not your roommates. Each account can have up to five profiles. The new feature will be available to all members within two weeks.

In addition, Netflix has also added Facebook integration so that you can connect your profile to your Facebook account and share what you are watching with your friends. They have also optimized Netflix Kids, a part of the site featuring titles for kids 12 and under. 

“We continually innovate and are proud to deliver an even better, more personal Netflix experience,” stated Neil Hunt, chief product officer at Netflix. “Now everyone in your home can have their own Netflix experience, built around the TV shows and movies they enjoy. No longer will your Netflix suggestions be mixed up with those of your kids, a significant other, roommates, or house guests.”