NeoCon ’07: Check. Only Three Million More Furniture Fairs To Go This Summer.


Chicago’s own big furniture to-do, the NeoCon World’s Trade Fair, ended yesterday. But that’s no reason not to check out the prep work Metropolis did for the event. Strangely, most of it has to do with getting prepared on what and where to eat while you’re in Chicago, which is certainly fine, as there are countless amazing restaurants here in town. But if you’re interested in the design-y stuffs, check out their “Show Floor” section, with a handful of photos and brief write-ups from the event. There’s not a ton of information, but what’s there is great (and by this point in the year, you’re probably a little sick of furniture fairs, aren’t you?). Also, back to the food for a second, in the their “Chicago Dining Goes Green,” there’s a great PDF about the city’s history of being the most green city in the country. And, not to brag or anything, but we were doing it before it was cool.