NBCU’s iVillage Partners With KidZui

NBC Universal’s iVillage has announced a partnered with KidZui, a startup, which has built what it claims is a kid-safe Web-browsing platform.

As part of the new pact, starting on Dec. 21 iVillage will begin regularly publishing KidZui’s “Stuff your Kids Love” index, the first of which ranks the most popular Web content among kids ages three to 12 in 2009. Going forward, iVillage will publish similar indexes using KidZui’s Web-surfing data focused on various themes—such as favorite kids toys, bands, games and the like.

In addition, iVillage will begin offering the KidZui Web browser to its user base for free. KidZui executives claim that its tools allow kids to visit only age appropriate sites, providing parents with piece of mind about their children’s’ digital media habits. Over the summer, the company struck a similar deal with Comcast to distribute a custom version of the KidZui browser to Comcast’s Web audience.

Lastly, as part of the new partnership, KidZui will feature select iVillage content geared specifically to parents to its user base. Executives claim that KidZui’s community now exceeds over a million registered children and parents.