NBC Uses Game Application to Promote Its Facebook Page for TV Show “Chuck”

NBC is trying to magnify the online presence of “Chuck” on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace by getting the television show’s fans to promote it to their friends through a game.

Called Mission: Chuck Me Out, the game asks fans to help in “sharing the greatness” of the show and accompanying web sites through Facebook and other sites, as they weekly compete to win a “Chuck” gift bag or the grand prize of appearing on one of the episodes.

Chuck Me Out

“Chuck,” is a show about Chuck Bartowski, a computer geek working at Buy More Electronics whose brain becomes encoded with an entire server’s worth of sensitive government secrets; then, he must work with the CIA and NSA to save the world.

NBC’s promotion has a lot of advantages, not only it relies on friends to do the promotion, but also because it’s a way to keep fans engaged in-between episodes and until the third season’s two-hour premiere on January 10.

To play fans earn points by completing different tasks assigned to advance to different levels that coincide with the show: trainee, 0-1,250 points; nerd herder 1,251-2,500; spy, 2,501-5,000 and intersect, 5,001-plus.

For example, you can connect your Facebook account to Mission: Chuck Me Out for 50 points, become a fan of the show’s Facebook Page for 150 points or link directly to an NBC promo URL in a status message for 20 points. If someone clicks on this URL, you get another 10 points and if someone leaves a comment on this status, you get 20 points.

Chuck Facebook

Which is to say, the Mission: Chuck Me Out game has fully incorporated the Facebook and social networking universe in order to maximize their exposure among fans, and potential fans (i.e., friends of fans), as the best way to earn more points is to promote “Chuck” as much as possible.

Chuck Me Out launched on December 10 and runs until March 8.

Chuck Status Update