NBC Launches Community Webisode Series

NBC has launched the first in a series of original Webisodes that serve as mock marketing videos for Greendale Community College, the fictitious school where the upcoming fall sitcom Community takes place.

The first video, which debuted on NBC.com on Thursday (Aug. 20) features several “testimonials” from Greendale students who praise the school, saying it deserves “straight A’s.” Then the show’s Dean of Admissions, who is played by Community creator Dan Harmon, presents Greendale’s “official” Straight A’s—i.e categories where the school excels: “Accessibility, Affordability, Air Conditioning, Awesome New Friends and A Lot of Classes.??”

Best Buy has signed on to sponsor the initial Community Webisode. The electronics retailer is running both :30 preroll video ads along with accompanying banners.

NBC is pulling out all the stops for Community, which stars Joel McHale (of E!’s The Soup) and Chevy Chase as students who become part of a group of misfit friends at a community college. Besides the Webisodes, the network is streaming the show’s pilot exclusively on Facebook prior to its Sept. 17 premiere.