NBA to Release Social-Networking Guidelines

The National Basketball Association is set to release guidelines for use of social-networking sites by players, coaches and team officials, but sources told the restrictions won’t be as strict as those introduced by the National Football League earlier this month.

The main issue addressed by the NBA policy is the banning of tweeting during games, but sources told NBA teams can craft their own policies on social-networking use. also reported that, much in the same way players, coaches and officials can be fined for comments that appear in traditional media, those rules apply to social media, as well.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, easily the most progressive owner in the NBA when it comes to embracing technology, was asked by if he would impose restrictions on his club, and he said:

Not really. I will talk to the guys about never venting or talking about team business on Twitter. That’s usually what creates problems. (But) Twitter is just another form of media. What you say on Twitter is like saying it on ESPN.

The league is expected to officially announce its social-networking policy later this week.