National Museum: Those Aren’t Warhol’s Copies! They’re Copies of Copies!


Speaking of museum-based news, this past weekend Stockholm’s National Museum announced that it has a whole slew of fake Andy Warhol sculptures. Extra notably, more than a hundred of the same sculpture. But to be more specific, they have 105 of his Billo boxes, which were themselves copies of, you know, actual boxes of Brillo. The museum has determined that they were made three years after Warhols’ death for another exhibit in Russia, and has left egg on a lot of faces and likely a handful of art collectors out there who now know that their precious piece is worth probably less than an original box of the cleaning product. Does this, to you, sound like something that Warhol would love hearing about? Wherever he is, such as living in a secret cave under the Alps with Basquiat, we hope he’s smiling.