National Journal Rolls Out New Team of Reporters Editor Tim Grieve is out with a memo this morning announcing brand new hires. Looks like they swiped two reporters from his former Politico stomping grounds. They include Patrick Reis (who he calls, ahem, hilarious), who he worked with at Politico Pro and Vivyan Tran, who will be their new digital editor.

“In one fell swoop, we’ve just hired a big collection of the best young journalists in Washington,” writes Grieve. “I could spend hours writing superlatives about this team, but let me get straight to the bold-faced names because they truly speak for themselves.” (Yes, please keep Summer Superlatives to us.)

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From Grieve’s release…

Marin Cogan will be joining us as a writer-at-large. Marin blew me away as a writer at POLITICO before heading to GQ to cover the presidential race. Now she’s blowing everyone away with memorable pieces in The New Republic and elsewhere.

Lucia Graves is an extraordinarily talented Washington reporter at The Huffington Post. She was previously the press secretary for Rep. Earl Blumenauer and has worked for Joe Trippi & Associates and U.S. News & World Report.

Marina Koren comes to us from the Smithsonian and has written previously for Psychology Today and Popular Mechanics. She followed in Brian Resnick’s footsteps on the college paper at the University of Delaware.

Alex Seitz-Wald is coming our way from Salon, where he’s distinguished himself with incredibly smart reporting and commentary on politics. He worked previously at ThinkProgress – and before that as an intern at Hotline.