Meet the Keepers of All Those Kooky ‘National Days’

AP writer catches up with the North Dakota gang responsible for

NationalFatherDaughterTakeaWalkDayThis fall, the owner and operator of North Dakota-based website will be traveling to New York to mark National Dumpling Day. Why? Because the sponsor of that September 26 celebration, Asian foods distributor TMI Corp., is paying Marlo Anderson $4,000 to make the trip.

This tidbit is one of several fun details to be found in a recent profile of Anderson’s profitable operation by New York-based AP food and beverage writer Candice Choi. Here’s another – the four people associated with the site all have day jobs at Anderson’s Mandan, ND VHS digitizing business:

The selection committee is made up of four Zoovio, Inc. employees. Amy LaVallie, a committee member, said the general rule is to pick days with broad appeal. It’s why “National Sean Connery Day” was rejected, she said, but Boston Market’s submission passed muster.

“National Rotisserie Chicken Day, okay? People like chicken. Simple as that,” LaVallie said.

Per the illustration above, today is National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day, as well as National Strawberry Sundae Day and National Macaroni Day. There’s still time for some enterprising pair in NYC to hit all three of these. Start in Central Park and then order the necessary dishes at a nearby restaurant.

By the way, all three of today’s annual celebrations are of the “unofficial” variety. E.g., they have been included in Anderson’s database without anyone paying a fee.

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