National Autism Society Reaches Out To Travolta Clan

jetttravolta.jpgAutism United, a nationwide group of parents of more than 15,000 children with autism, wants John Travolta and Kelly Preston to join its cause.

The group sent the Travoltas an open invitation in the form of a press release (see below).


For Immediate Release
Autism United
Contact Sid Schwartz


New York NY January 5, 2009 Autism United, a national group representing over 15,000 parents of children with autism is reaching out to John Travolta and Kelly Preston to join a nationwide public awareness campaign about Autism.

Whether the death was related or not, the support of John Travolta would bring a powerful message, Ain said. He is one of the most recogonized stars of our time. But more importantly, his role as a parent who dealt with a child suffering seizures, could help to educate thousands of families with children suffering similar problems.

“This is a difficult time for John and Kelly, and our prayers are with them,” said Ain. “But this could be an opportunity for them to use their son’s death and their celebrity to help thousands of parents, who are caring for sick youngsters.”.

Other celebrities, such as actress Jenny McCarthy, already work with Autism United.

Travolta and his actress wife, Kelly Preston, are active members in the Church of Scientology, which views autism and other mental illnesses as psychosomatic and prescribes treatments of spiritual healing.