NASA’s Most Unusual PR Challenge


It was a well documented, if unprecedented story: NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak and Air Force Capt. Colleen Shipman were competing for the same man, astronaut William Oefelein. Everything went public when Nowak was arrested and charged with attempted assault and kidnapping of Shipman.

Now, almost one year later, NASA is releasing e-mail correspondence from the trio, including juicy tidbits such as, “They want your size for the arctic gear…I think I can figure that out – sized sexy and athletic.”

While almost all of America is surely more interested in the just released emails, PRNewser wants to examine this from a communications standpoint. (We’re nerds, we know.) Well, it just so happens that Newsweek did that work for us! Check out their interview with Gene Grabowski, vice president of Washington, D.C.-based Levick Strategic Communications.

Gene smoldered the flames related to the national pet-food recalls and the toxic Chinese toy imports, two of the biggest consumer issues of 2007. Read the full interview here.