Nancy Grace Films Law & Order With Star Jones, Mum On View Rumor


We spoke with lovable/loathsome Nancy Grace shortly after her Court TV exit, with topics ranging from Amy Poehler to Alec Baldwin to Paris Hilton to O.J. to Jacko Prince. Oh, and that rumored spat with Star Jones:

Does your leaving have anything to do with Star Jones coming on board?
We just worked together doing a Law & Order SVU episode for eight straight hours. [Grace and Jones will appear on the show’s season finale on May 22]. I got to hang out with her and her husband. We had a great, great day. I had a really good time. We play ourselves. When they first asked me, I thought, ‘Good God, I’m not an actress. I will be terrible.’ Then they told me I’m playing myself so I said, ‘Okay.’ I had a wonderful time being with her. I think she’s going to be perfect for Court TV. I know people would love to stir something up, but I’ve been in this contract for three years and the option really ends this summer.

Any truth to the other interesting rumor out there that you might be joining The View?
I’m very, very flattered that someone would even think that, but I have a job already and I’m under contract with Headline News.

So they haven’t approached you?
I’m … just … No. We are not in any talks.

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