Nancy Cordes: The FishbowlDC Interview

Say hello to Nancy Cordes, CBS’ newly named Congressional Correspondent. Cordes joined CBS’ Washington Bureau in 2007 as the Transportation and Consumer Safety Correspondent- and she’ll actually still be covering that beat now too.

Cordes is also a new mom. She and her husband welcomed daughter Lila last November, just after Election Day. Cordes grew up in Hawaii and attended the same high school as President Obama.

You can check Cordes out this afternoon on Washington Unplugged, CBS’ new political webcast. She’ll be filling in as moderator for Bob Schieffer.

What does your morning reading list include? NYT, WSJ, Washington Post, USA Today, Playbook, Politico, Chaggy’s Morning Bulletin, and of course… the Economist.

What single person has played the biggest role or has had the biggest influence on your career? Dr. Linda Weiner– pediatrician, news junkie, and my mother. Every script dissected, every live shot critiqued.

How many suits do you own? About 20. But still looking for one we can all agree on.

What is the name of your cell phone ring? They have names?

How many emails do you receive a day? How many do you answer? I receive 250… on a slow day. Yesterday I answered 30.

Where do you power-lunch? The House Cafeteria. Let’s hear it for Taco Salad Thursday.

What’s your favorite or go-to drink? My husband’s coffee keeps me functioning.

Who would you most enjoy seeing parodied on SNL? Rick “Hey Kiddo” Kaplan.

What subject line in an email grabs your attention? “Please call Rick”

What section of the Sunday Washington Post do you read first? Real Estate.

Who is your favorite active journalist? Always changing. Currently it’s John Nolen of CBS News, an unparalleled guide to the ways and means of Capitol Hill.

What kind of dog should the Obamas get and what should they name their new pet? A beagle. They could name it Earmark. Or Mana’Olana. That’s Hawaiian for Hope.

Leno or Letterman? Stewart or Colbert? Letterman live, Colbert on TiVo.

If you ran a doctor’s office or a bank, what cable news station would you have on in your waiting room or lobby? None of them. Somebody has to help Muzak out of bankruptcy. Do we really want our children to grow up in a world without gentle instrumental arrangement?

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