Mytopia brings classic online gaming into the social networks

mytopia_logo_med.jpgChess, Backgammon, Bingo, Dominoes, Hearts, Spades, Video Poker and Soduku! These are just some of the classic games that we used to play when were all just growing up. We used to spend countless hours playing with our friends or even with the game AI. And suddenly the web has changed, web 2.0 came in, social networks boomed. Fortunately, some techie guys under the guise of Mytopia are bringing in these classic games into three popular social networking sites and on the web itself.

mytopia_map_low.jpgYup, pure simple classic gaming frenzy in the comforts of whichever social networks you belong to. Mytopia touts itself as the MMO of classic online gaming. And anybody can enjoy these classic games once again. Whether you are at Facebook, MySpace or Bebo, you and your friends can spend countless hours of pure gaming pleasure once again. Bring back the glory days of classic gaming baby!

To play Mytopia games, you have two options. Either you run it as an application in your Facebook, MySpace or Bebo account or run it on the Mytopia website. Aside from enjoying 8 games, Mytopia also features a Town Hall where users can see who is online, read and post to message boards, get help, and view Hall of Fame for top gamers. Mytopia also has Home which houses friends’ list and friends of friends, customizable profile and avatar creation, in-game inventory, chat histories, messages and privacy settings.

And finally, everytime you participate in Mytopia games, you can also earn points which you can trade-in for some Mytopia goodies, both virtual and real stuff.

Mytopia is currently in beta stage, so expect slow loading times and some minor quirks along the way. Anybody care to join me for a virtual game of chess?