Who’s Growing on MySpace? Top 10 MySpace Games by New Players This Month

The space of social gaming is constantly changing and evolving. New games come, old games go, and a few remain at the top. However, as social games reach new players on new platforms, the numbers for these games changes rather frequently.

Below are the Top 10 MySpace games by players gained over the last month for November 2, 2008.

10. YoVille – Gained 415,271 Players
This Sims style game made quite a leap this month. The game puts you in a virtual town called YoVille in which the player uses their custom made avatar to interact, live, and play with different players from all over the country.

Like in The Sims, players can collect and earn various items to decorate their house, their avatar, and overall digitally represent who they really are. With such a wide variety of things to do, and game play that is saturated with social interactivity, it is no surprise that the player base is still growing.

9. Special Forces – Gained 424,694 Players
Previously not even in the Top 25, Special Forces came by surprise. This Zynga app may be your typical social network RPG, but the premise definitely has players interested. In this game, players get to “sneak” around fighting other spy operations around the world by completing missions given to them, thus giving this genre a flavor of modern espionage warfare.

8. SuperPoke Pets – Gained 550,693 Players
Never underestimate the power of “cuteness.” SuperPoke Pets takes the prospect of caring for pets and raising them to a whole new level. By creating characters this cute, the developers definitely focused on those protective instincts everyone has deep down inside them.

These virtual pets are truly your own, as you care for them and watch them grow. Of course, no matter how big they get, they still remain just as cute, and apparently this cuteness earns SuperPoke Pets the spot at #8.

7. Vampires – Gained 557,036 Players
The dark side is gaining strength as well over 500,000 players drank the blood of their enemies this month. Yet another RPG style game set in another premise. The difference with this game of the night, is that it really encourages the formation of vampire clans, and rather than giving players items to buy, they let them earn supernatural abilities to hunt down their pray, thus deepening the suspension of disbelief (or at least as much as can be done in this style game).

Granted, if you break it down, the game is still the same as other RPGs. Blood is just money, and fangs are just guns, but 557, 036 new people seem to prefer it and have joined the ranks of those who go bump in the night.

6. Super Pets – Gained 737,558 Players
Yet another example of the power of “cute.” Like SuperPoke Pets, players can adopt themselves a pet to watch it grow. Okay, so their not quite as cute (for the record, the jury is still out on this one) as SuperPoke, but with so many various accessories in which to spoil your pet rotten with, and (dare it be said) make it cuter…. Well, as you can see it’s working.

5. Gang Wars – Gained 785,703 Players
This month’s #16 game has certainly gained some recognition with the fifth largest gain in popularity. Another RPG by Zynga; only now you find yourself fighting on the streets in, well, gang wars. Like the others, this title lets you form up a gang with your friends and take the streets by storm. Loot, pillage, and fight in this modern style RPG.

4. Street Racing – Gained 1,061,218 Players
It was a huge surprise to see Street Racing hit the #4 spot with over a million new players added this month. It’s another Zynga RPG, but it is amazing how it could gain so many new people. The game definitely appeals to the male audience with the beautiful and fast cars, but that’s not the only possible reason for improvement.

There’s also a lot more to this game than some of the previous titles. Unlike the others that were generally limited to buying new stuff, doing missions, forming groups, and battle, this game actually includes all of this plus other features such as bounty hunting, direct challenges, a banking system, and even more ways to determine winning a race (not just the car, but you have to improve driving skills as well).

3. Mafia Wars – Gained 1,163,160 Players
People do like to be bad. Mafia Wars is very similar to Gang Wars in most respects, so it is difficult to really derive major reasons for greater growth. What it really probably comes down to is that this game has been in the top two on MySpace for a while now, while Gang Wars has been more “under the radar.” The increased “visibility,” as it were, is most likely the major cause of its increased growth.

2. Mobsters – Gained 1,311,083 Players
The #1 game on MySpace this month, comes in at #2 for the largest player gain. Again, this game most likely beats out the similar titles do to its all ready existing popularity as the game play is very similar. Of course, with phenomenal movies such as The Godfather and Goodfellas, people do tend to see the “Mob” as more sophisticated than your every day crime. This perception is probably a big factor in the immersive appeal of this game.

1. Texas HoldEm Poker – Gained 1,875,619 Players
With a staggering 1, 875, 619 new players, Texas HoldEm takes this simple game to new heights. Okay, so they don’t have fancy graphics, tons of rules, or anything really different from the actual game of poker. But maybe that’s the catch? Poker is about playing the game with other people, and as one of the few games that lets people play simultaneously in real-time, that is easily the biggest contributor to why this game is so popular.