MySpace Party: MySpaceTV, Facebook or MySpace, Ultimate MySpace Layout, MySpace vs Facebook

MySpace Logo

MySpace or Facebook – there are no alternatives for MySpace because MySpace is big, MySpace is huge, MySpace is Lord of social networking.

MySpaceTV vs YouTube – 12 things that MySpace got from YouTube

Great looking MySpace layouts that one more time shows that even on MySpace you can create nice looking layouts if you have good taste and some design knowledge. If not – here is alternative – ultimate MySpace Layout that also looks nice 😉

MySpace may fight to hold it’s Nr.1 position – Facebook has grown its audience by more than 500% in the last six months – does it mean that this day can be very soon?

Why Facebook is better than MySpace – yes! we know, we know… But on the other hand there isn’t everything bad and ugly – read this story of MySpace advocate 🙂

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