MySpace Launches FEMA Widget, Still Doesn't Work

This afternoon MySpace announced the launch of the Hurricane News application which gives users updates on what is taking place with Hurricane Gustav. It’s a little delayed but it is great to see FEMA adopting tech savvy practices. The only problem with the new application? It doesn’t work. When you install the application it says “This application is currently pending review.”

If you want a way to go ahead and get a FEMA Gustav widget on your MySpace page, you can use the embed code provided on the Department of Homeland Security’s site. I’m guessing that MySpace will update this application shortly so that it’s working. You can try to install the application yourself by visiting Let us know if you can get it to work!

MySpace will begin promoting the application on their site homepage later today. I’m guessing it will be working by then. There are a number of emergency related applications on Facebook currently but none of them have appeared to gain much traction. Honestly, I doubt that people will keep this application on their page beyond the next few days but it’s great to see FEMA adopting much better practices.

The organization was widely considered a failure three years ago following the Hurricane Katrina debacle. It looks like they’ve straightened up and now are much more prepared to respond to emergencies and distribute information throughout multiple channels including social networks.