Myspace Hijacked by The Black Eyed Peas, Jack Black

The Black Eyed Peas hijacked Myspace as part of the News Corp.-owned social-media site’s new Hijacks initiative, which will surrender control of the site to celebrities for three days, allowing them to curate entertainment areas, topic pages, and profiles. Comedian and actor Jack Black is up next.

Thursday-Saturday, The Black Eyed Peas Hijack will offer features including: a contest that will place the winning fan in one of the band’s videos; an augmented reality app with 8-bit images and photos that can be captured; customized 8-bit profile themes; a limited-edition badge; play lists of songs and videos; Fergie’s fashion picks;’s movie picks; The Black Eyed Peas becoming the first friend for all users who sign up during their Hijack; and a customized Myspace logo.

Black will take over Dec. 15, and his Hijack will feature: exclusive videos of Black guiding fans through Myspace; Black and Gulliver’s Travels co-star Jason Segel offering their take of “Little Drummer Boy”; a campaign to have fans make their profile photos giant versions of themselves; a customized profile theme; limited-edition badges; song and video play lists; Black becoming the first friend for all users who sign up during their Hijack; and a customized Myspace logo.

The Black Eyed Peas

Myspace Hijacks | Myspace Video

Myspace senior vice president Sam Wick said:

With this innovative new program, we’re leveraging celebrities to highlight core principles of what’s important on our site and the myriad of products the new Myspace has to offer. The talent have full reign of the Myspace experience and are able to inspire our network of millions of fans by giving users a highly personalized experience created through their interests and self-expression. of The Black Eyed Peas added:

We’re psyched to be the first group to take over the new Myspace. As artists, we’re always looking for new ways to reach our fans all over the world, and this Hijack is allowing us to use our imagination, bringing our creative vision from our new album to the world of Myspace.