MySpace Coming to the iPhone

Late last year an iPhone version of Facebook was launched and received a ton of positive user feedback. Jake Marsh just released a video of MySpace for the iPhone. The applications looks amazing but the one thing that I don’t understand is how Jake plans on accessing a user’s inbox. Additionally, according to the demo displayed below you can access band music from the application. I’m not quite sure how this works because the songs aren’t technically accessible via the API and the URLs are not accessible via the page source code.

Jake now has over 12,000 Twitter followers thanks to this video becoming a hit on Digg. Jake Marsh decided to create his own API for MySpace using screen scraping. If this application is for real, Jake will more than likely have his app acquired since he is doing most of the work for MySpace. There are a lot of great features and it’s a duplicate of the iPhone application developed by Facebook. This is highly impressive and it would be great if other platforms produced something similar.

I think the real breakthrough will come when each of these platforms begin to offer mobile platforms in which applications can run. While Facebook already offers a mobile platform it is highly limited. I have a feeling that we will see a lot more applications developed for mobile as the standards for mobile applications become much simpler and phone begin to offer better interfaces for users to interact with.