MySpace Announces Service for Blackberry

-MySpace Blackberry Logo-At CTIA in San Francisco today, MySpace announced that they will soon launch an application for the Blackberry. Facebook launched a Blackberry application almost one year ago and now attracts over 1.3 million monthly users to the application. The MySpace application includes messaging (including comments and bulletins), status updates, friend requests, photo integration, and the ability to view events.

This sounds like a fairly robust application but the real question is whether the demographics of Blackberry users and MySpace users overlap. Most business professionals that I know are not active MySpace users, instead they tend to prefer Facebook. There’s a good chance that hundreds of thousands if not more than a million individuals with blackberries will decide to install this application.

MySpace currently enjoys a larger reach in the United States than Facebook which means that there is a good chance that just as many users may end up installing the MySpace application. MySpace has been increasing their focus on the mobile space as they just recently announced the launch of MySpace Mobile for all European Union countries.

It’s interesting to see MySpace targeting a demographic which would traditionally be considered business users. MySpace has been known for having a younger user base which are more focused on entertainment and music. According to MySpace’s press statement, the mobile version of MySpace already attracts more than two million daily unique visits.

I’d expect to see continued growth in the social networking mobile space over the next 24 months as the mobile landscape domestically catches up to the rest of the world.