MySpace Announces Google Android Application

Well Google Android is in full swing. Tonight MySpace is announcing the launch of their Google Android application. The first version of this application enables photo uploading, band profiles with tour information, the ability to comment on photos, profiles, and bulletins, the ability to searc hfor new friends, inbox access, and the ability to update and view mood and status.

The bottom line is this is their next smartphone application rollout and it appears to be relatively extensive based on the screenshots displayed below. So what’s the killer part of this application? It integrates directly with Shazam. If you didn’t get a chance to test out Shazam on the iPhone you are truly missing out. The application will tell you what an unknown song is by simply holding up the phone towards the music.

The integration with Shazam will link the band profile directly from the user’s phone when their song is matched. I honestly think this collaboration is bigger than the announcement that MySpace will be available for Google Android. MySpace is one of the first social networks to launch via android but there will be more social network announcements coming in the next 24 hours.

As the first “Google phone” prepares to be rolled out, this is some really exciting news for the company. One interesting thing about this new application is that the design provided by Apple iPhone made many of the applications look similar. This time around applications have a distinct design which I wouldn’t exactly consider the same sort of “clean” look that iPhone has.

I’m guessing this could negatively impact Android phone sales in the long-run. How important do you think design will be for the success of the Android platform?

-MySpace Android Screenshot 1-

-MySpace Android Screenshot 2-

-MySpace Android Screenshot 3-

-MySpace Android Screenshot 4-