MyKidsRegistry Helps Parents Organize their Kids Parties

mykidslogo.jpgDon’t be fooled by the site’s name. It is definitely not a social networking for kids, but rather for their parents to have a fun experience when organizing birthday parties and other important events in their kids lives. For parents, this is certainly one of the most challenging and dauting tasks that they may have to face while their kids are still young. We love parties, kids love parties – MyKidsRegistry aims to help you hold this in a fun and exciting way.

MyKidsRegistry offers a free service that would assist you in planning and registering your kid’s next birthday party or any other events. If provides

  • a free online gift registries/wish lists,
  • online scrap booking,
  • online RSVP, online invitations,
  • local vendor partnerships,
  • advice/ideas and charities in lieu of gift-giving.

Best part is MyKidsRegistry would like to help you do all these things in the most fun and interactive way on the web.


Even if you don’t have kids, or they may be all grown up by now, you can still check out MyKidsRegistry and be amused by the fun and light feeeling upon seeing those photos of kids blowing off the candles of their birthday cakes. Kids wearing party hats and all the works.

Honestly, it brings back a certain kind feeling that makes you feel like a kid again. Oh well, you just have to look at their logo to understand what I mean.