Music, Videos, Friends and Elections on This Week’s Top 20 Emerging Facebook Apps by MAU

There were music apps, iPad apps, video apps, apps about your friends, Page admin apps and — interestingly — a Turkish election app on our weekly roundup of emerging Facebook apps by monthly active user. This week the apps grew from between 156,600 and 658,800 MAU.

The list of top 20 emerging apps was compiled based on AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook and covers apps that grew the most in the past week, ending at between 100,000 and 1 million monthly active users.

Top Gainers This Week

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. BOSS維加斯811,981+658,758+430%
2. Müzik Dinle363,001+348,838+2,463%
3. MyPad for iPad961,911+341,993+55%
4. VideoPort720,666+339,107+89%
5. Social Statistics559,013+291,644+109%
6. kiss – bacio – bisou – beso – kus430,799+278,213+182%
7. Compatibility With My Friends690,187+262,992+62%
8. UNO Boost™832,123+256,966+45%
9. FBML Tab Maker862,614+250,468+41%
10. มหัศจรรย์การเดินทาง607,218+242,900+67%
11. Süper Video !280,284+234,187+508%
12. Chase Community Giving246,279+209,904+577%
13. Miner Speed988,884+193,107+24%
14. SEÇİM OFİSİ201,208+182,082+952%
15. Puzzle Saga639,063+179,968+39%
16. Happy Aquarium Community393,885+169,667+76%
17. แฮปปี้เกาะ499,334+167,004+50%
18. Profiline Bakanları Gör182,692+165,959+992%
19. N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance: ELITE160,254+156,676+4,379%
20. UFC Undisputed Fight Nation Game599,206+156,549+35%

Topping the list this week was the Turkish Müzik Dinle, or Lyrics, that allows users to listen to music, see rankings and download files. The app promises to allow users to give musical gifts to their friends (presumably by sharing), create your own music, and practice playing it; the app grew by 348,800 MAU.

Two video apps were on the list, VideoPort with 399,100 MAU; the app allows users to watch videos (then posts a story), Like them and share them to the feed. Then there was Süper Video !, which grew by 234,200 MAU, which displays videos to be viewed, shared, and Liked.

Another pair of video apps dissect a user’s Facebook friends. Social Statistics grew by 291,600 MAU mostly in the United States and shows a user’s posting frequency, sway with friends, and a Wall post summary for the past month. Compatibility With My Friends grew by 263,000 MAU and calculates the compatibility of you and your friends based on Likes and comments with a percentage, then publishes a feed story with the results, a photo of the results and a link to the app.

Kiss – bacio – bisou – beso – kus is an app that grew by 278,200 MAU and allows users to share “kisses” with their friends. There are three levels of viral channels with this app: you send an invite to your friends (the “kiss”), then a pop-up asks for your email and password so you can send the app to other friends, then a feed story is published about the app.

The Chase Community Giving app grew by 209,900 MAU; the app is to allow users to vote on charities to receive funding. Voting is open, you must Like the Page in order to vote (spreading the app through the news feed) and the app publishes a feed story with your vote. SEÇİM OFİSİ, or Election Office, is a Turkish app that allows users to “vote” for a candidate or party, publish a feed story, and then keeps you updated on pre-election activities in that country. The app grew by 182,100 MAU.

Finally the Facebook app for iPad, MyPad for iPad, grew by about 342,000 MAU and the FMBL Tab Maker grew by 250,500 MAU. The app allows Page admins to make a tab with their own FBML code.