Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment Looks for Permanent Home to House Video Game Collection

While the Smithsonian‘s American Art Museum might be planning a sure-to-be-popular exhibit for next year about the art of video games, a group in San Francisco is attempting to build an entire museum around the subject. The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment has recently been established with the intent of collecting pieces of digital works of art and video games and exhibiting them as a traditional, brick and mortar museum in the Bay Area (here’s their full mission statement). While they’ve received non-profit status and have assembled a large, impressive collection, the trick is now finding a space to house it in. They’ve launched a Kickstarter page, and are already nearly $8,000 into their $20,000 goal, which if they’re given, they’ll put to use for “rent and utilities associated with a ~1000 sq ft space near BART for 6 months to a year, depending on the rent we find. Additional funds will keep the space open longer.” Once you’ve sent them some cash, if you’re on the hunt for a way to break into the museum world, they’re also looking to fill a number of positions, all the way up to Chief Curator and Director of Marketing. Might sound a bit risky, the MADE doesn’t even have a location yet, but hey, even the Met and the Guggenheim started from scratch, right?