Murray Newlands Promises Extraordinary Content Marketing Advice in Upcoming Book

The U.S. government says Murray Newlands is “an alien of extraordinary ability" - and this leads us to believe his upcoming content marketing book is sure to be . . . extraordinary.

Murray Newlands is used to being called extraordinary.

He obtained angel funding to found The Mail, a publication covering performance and mobile marketing – an extraordinary feat. He has developed an extraordinarily viral presence online. And, possibly the most extraordinary thing about Newlands is that even the U.S. government finds him extraordinary, calling him “an alien of extraordinary ability.”

Newlands has authored numerous marketing books – both published and coming soon. And the one we’re about to tell you about, covering content marketing, is sure to be . . . extraordinary.

The book will be co-authored with Bruce Clay, a well-known SEO Globetrotter. Clay runs agencies on five continents and travels nine months out of the year sharing his SEO expertise. (Just ask him to show you the 1 meter long Gantt chart he always carries around with his life planned out for the next year in rainbow colored blocks marking out every trade show.)

Why care about content marketing?

Every Internet marketer must understand how the content drives their efforts, the best ways to drive audience interest to that content and how to leverage the content to greatest affect. No matter who you are, you need to understand the role and power potential of content.

What kind of info will you glean from the book? Try THIS on for size: (It shows that quantity is not match quality. Check out Nordstrom’s quantity of posts and engagement stats vs. Tiffany & Co. It’s a pretty stark comparison.)

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