Facebook Multi-Product Ads Now Available via Power Editor

Facebook introduced multi-product ads last June, and they are now available via Power Editor

MultiProductAdsPowerEditorFacebook introduced multi-product ads last June, and they are now available via Power Editor.

The social network said in a June Facebook for Business post revealing the then-new feature:

Multi-product ads enable businesses to showcase three products within a single ad unit, on desktop or mobile. Each product highlighted will have its own image, description and click target.

Say you’re an online retailer that’s looking to reach people who browsed your site without making a purchase. Combining the multi-product ad unit with custom audiences from your website, you can produce a carousel of different items — like handbags, sundresses and sandals — to show in News Feed to specific audiences.

Reader Adomas Baltagalvis shared the screenshots above and below with SocialTimes, saying that Power Editor users are now seeing two choices:

  1. Single image and link in one ad.
  2. Multiple images and links in one.

Baltagalvis wrote:

If you choose the latter, you can add up to three images and links to the same ad, creating a multi-product ad. Once created, the links will appear as squared images with the headline and a short description below them. It’s especially useful for online stores that can display a few of their products at the same time, having more chances of catching the attention of a user with at least one of them.

Facebook advertisers: What do you think of the addition of multi-product ads to Power Editor?


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