Mulligan, Schor Leave The Hill

An internal email sent from The Hill’s Hugo Gurdon:

    Megan Mulligan and Elana Schor are leaving The Hill to join Guardian America, the new web-based operation being launched by The Guardian, of London. Their departures prompt mixed feelings. It is sad to lose two such talented and likable colleagues, but it is also a matter of pride that one of the best known and most admired newspapers in the English language should look for talent at The Hill. Both Megan and Elana are great journalists with bright futures ahead of them at the highest levels. Megan, who will join the Guardian as senior editor, has contributed greatly to The Hill since coming on staff in December. Her talents with copy, her news judgment, and her intelligent, witty and incisive contributions to headline-writing discussions will be missed. Elana, who will be the Guardian’s congressional reporter, has been a magnificent producer of strong stories for The Hill, both as a business and lobbying writer and more recently from the Senate gallery. Her intelligence, investigative curiosity, extraordinary work ethic and poise will be enviable assets for her new employer. I am sure you join me in wishing them both great success.