MTVu Oscar Journo Competition Features Pair of USC Ringers

This coming weekend, three two-person teams of collegiate journalists will be making their final submissions for the honor of representing their university on the 2010 Oscar red carpet and in the backstage press room. Alongside students from the University of Georgia (Blake Mitchell, David Torcivia) and Hofstra University (Luz Pena, Phillip Robibero), the MTVu competition finalists include the USC tandem of Sarah Erickson and Joel Kutz.

Each team must post a final video (like the one above) to the MTVu website by Monday, February 14th, after which online votes and a panel of judges will determine a winner. The victorious team will get to access not just the Oscars on February 27th but a whole range of other media events associated with the big show, with coverage beamed out via and

We have some red carpet advice for the winning team: work that collegiate angle to its fullest by asking celebs about their favorite university teacher, inspirational moment or campus anecdote. They will love you for providing a break from the what-are-you-wearing hubbub.