MTV to America’s Youth: Draw Your Line

MTV and Blue Shield of California Foundation have a message for America’s younger generation: Draw Your Line.

The new interactive, online visualization is part of MTV’s A Thin Line initiative to stop the spread of digital abuse, including cyberbullying, sexting, and all forms of digital harassment, and Draw Your Line was launched as part of National Bullying Prevention Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The online tool allows users to post examples of what they have done to help prevent digital abuse, which are then visually mapped out, allowing users to see which states, schools, or people are taking the most action, find and suggest local and national resources, and discover new ways to stop the spread of cyberbullying, digital dating abuse, and all forms of online harassment.

Draw Your Line was inspired by 24-year-old Michael Bastianelli’s winning entry for the Redraw the Line Challenge, which called on America’s youth to imagine innovative digital solutions to help stop the spread of online bullying and digital harassment, and Bastianelli said:

Digital abuse is an issue that has the potential to get worse as technology evolves. I’ve personally been affected by cyberbullying and bullying, and I know just how hurtful and damaging it can be — the only way we can prevent this flood of abuse is to be proactive about it. I’m thrilled to see MTV turn my concept into a reality. I believe Draw Your Line will help young people band together to take action, helping put an end to online abuse.

MTV vice president of public affairs Jason Rzepka added:

No generation has ever come of age dealing with the consequences of large-scale digital abuse. MTV is partnering with our audience to help turn the tide on this uniquely 21st century issue and empowering them to develop a new code of ethics for the digital age. We applaud the more than half a million young people who have already taken action as part of our A Thin Line campaign, and hope Draw Your Line will inspire many more to get involved.

And Blue Shield of California Foundation director of public affairs and policy Virginia Witt said:

Youth are now taking the lead in addressing digital abuse, which is the only way it can be stopped. This new empowerment tool is a hopeful sign among all the frightening headlines about the tragic consequences when young people cross the line into abuse.