How MTV Used “Social Interview” on Facebook To Successfully Advertise RJ Berger Show

rjbergerlogo I enjoy watching big brand marketing teams dip their toes into the churning waves of social media.  Whether it’s the Discovery Channel creating a new Facebook application or Disney acquiring an entire social games team, the behemoths of industry tend to make a splash when they enter the field.  I can say that in the early days, the bigger companies didn’t take the time to research the space, but lately they’ve been leveraging the help of smaller, smarter social media teams to make their presence felt.  As a case in point, MTV has just announced their results of a social advertising campaign with the help of the appssavvy social media team, and the campaign has succeeded in engaging users in a fun way.

According to the appssavvy blog, MTV approached appssavvy with the goal of promoting their new television series, The Hard Times of RJ Berger.  The team wanted to leverage social media to engage new users in a fun, interesting way, and appssavvy’s idea was to create a promotion within a popular Facebook Application called Social Interview, which has 11 million monthly active users.  The app revolves around users answering questions about people in their social graph and posting that information to each other’s walls.  It’s a highly social app but frustrating in that you’re required to post to people’s walls to even participate.  You can see a screenshot below.

appssavvy and MTV decided they would create a survey dedicated to this new show, and attract users to try the quiz.  Now, the reason this was successful because the questions were still completely social and related to a user’s friends.  If I took the “RJ Berger” themed quiz, I would still be answering questions about my friends and the questions would be themed similarly to the show.  This means that it’s still a personal, social experience for me, but it’s also advertising a show.  That kind of win-win advertising campaign is something I’d like to see more of.

Now, for the numbers. 

More than two-thirds (67 percent) of Social Interview users who saw The Hard Times of RJ
Berger branded interview clicked to start the application – nearly seven times the average
engagement rate – and an unprecedented 99 percent completed the interview. Upon completion
of the interview, a trailer of The Hard Times of RJ Berger was also available for viewing.

99% of users who started this interview finished it.  There are no absolute numbers about how many did the interview, but you can rest assured that this kind of publicity is powerful and engaging for users.  Of course, it could be better, with a more game like appeal and perhaps some points systems involved, but in terms of getting the message out in a fun way, this is a win for MTV.