MTV to Add ‘Fresh’ Look to Web Content

MTV has announced plans to revamp the way it presents content on with the launch of The Daily Fresh, a continuous feed of original stories, news items and blog entries from across the Web, which will be hand selected by the site’s editorial staff.

The new platform will serve as the centerpiece of a planned comprehensive overhaul of, according to Suejin Yang, vp, product development for MTV and VH1 Digital.

The Daily Fresh, which goes live on Sept. 2, has been designed to blend elements of blogs and social networking sites. Stories will be posted continuously, and users can scroll down and sift through snippets of stories without leaving the home page. In conceiving of The Daily Fresh, MTVN appears to have been influenced by the current generation of celebrity and Hollywood-centric blogs like AOL’s and Yahoo’s

To better serve the multitasking, participatory needs of MTV’s core target of Millennials, The Daily Fresh will periodically surface and showcase commentary from the site’s community of users. For example, during a demonstration presented to reporters on Tuesday (Sept. 1), the site featured in a headline an opinion posted by a fan about which contestant should be voted off the show America’s Best Dance Crew. Also on the social-networking front, is planning to add integration features, which will make it easier for users to share video content from the site with their Facebook and Twitter circles.

During the presentation, MTVN officials acknowledged that had been overly promotionally focused in the past and was not necessarily viewed as a daily destination by as many of the network’s viewers as it could be. The drive behind Daily Fresh is to “shift their perception,” said Yang. “We are really trying to encourage daily visit habits.” is a “site that should make their short list of daily entertainment.”