mSpot Hits the Spot for 4 Million Subscribers

mspot radio.PNGAccording to Daren Tsui, CEO of mSpot, one of the toughest things about running a mobile entertainment company is “educating consumers that the phone can be an entertainment device,” although the iPhone is helping a lot in that department.

Judging from mSpot’s announcement this week that it now has more than four million paying subscribers, a 260% jump over the past year, it’s clear that consumers are finally starting to take advantage of what their cell phones have to offer.

The company’s flagship mSpot Radio service broadcasts more than 50 commercial-free music and talk radio stations and over 100 live local radio stations across the US.

mSpot’s other products include:

* mSpot Remix, which lets users remotely transfer music from a computer to a mobile device.

* mSpot Make-UR-Tones, a custom ringtone maker with choices from some 250,000 tracks.

* mMSpot Music Videos, a set of eight music video channels in a variety of genres.

* mSpot Movies, which was the first “pay-per-view service to stream full-length movies to mobile phones.

Now that consumers are recognizing the entertainment aspects of their mobiles, the trick is to stay ahead by “giving them the features they’ll find exciting before they have to ask for them,” Tsui said.

Along those lines, mSpot, which started out offering niche products back in 2004, is moving towards unifying the experience into a complete platform and is working with carriers and handset makers in order to offer the best possible product.

Currently, mSpot’s products are available across the US and Canada through AT&T, Alltel, Sprint, US Cellular, Boost, Bell Mobility and Telus.