Buys URL has acquired the rights to the URL

Currently the still-in-beta site aggregates a continuous stream of headlines from news sites across the globe and drives traffic to those properties.  The site does not feature any original content. Until recently the URL had been owned by Breaking News Network, Inc. has yet to announce any plans to change’s format. Last month, the news site assumed control of the Twitter feed, which claims close to 1.6 million followers. That move, along with Tuesday’s (Jan. 5) acquisition are part of a budding strategy to target news junkies who are interested in receiving the most up to date information fast—without the core site’ programming bells and whistles, according to Charlie Tillinghast, president of MSNBC Digital Network.

“We know that people want news in different ways in varying circumstances,” he said. “Not everyone wants news surrounded by commentary or features.  Our goal as a news organization is to provide the most relevant experiences to satisfy distinct needs.”